Barbara Grayson

Barb Grayson has been the Director of Pre-K/Head Start in Mineral County for five years.  Mineral County offers Universal Preschool Services in 16 classrooms. Barb has been with Pre-K/Head Start as a teacher, Education Coordinator and Principal for over 15 years in Mineral County.  The other 7 years of her career she taught Middle school, which was just a warm-up for three and four-year-olds!

Barb believes that all little ones have the right to be surrounded by caring adults.  Early Childhood is the foundation of our school        systems.  We all, as a Nation, State, County, Community and family share the partnership of nurturing, caring for, providing the health care and education of our young children. Creating an environment where children can feel safe and learn is what Head Start is all about. It is the experience of building the school readiness skills that our babies will use for a life-time.