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8th grade Promotion Speech - abbreviated version

Since March of last year, our communities have watched COVID cause unprecedented changes to our school and community. Planning a promotion ceremony in any year is a challenge. Planning an in-person promotion ceremony during a pandemic is an extra challenge. Mrs. McClintock worked diligently to create the powerpoint being shared on social media and today. Mrs Willison has been determined to create a wonderful yearbook for our students. In fact, all our amazing staff have worked tirelessly to set everything up. Mr. Ravenscroft has spoken of this year as being a plane that we build on the ground, and then in the air. I disagree. It was more like we're building a flying machine. One day it’s a hot air balloon, then a helicopter then a plane and back again. The goal was the same “to fly”, to have our students be successful and supported but the plans for each are totally different. I have seen such resilience in our staff and am amazed by what they’ve done every day. They have definitely embraced this fluid year!

And let’s not forget our families who have supported us along the way. We are so blessed to be part of this community. While we see other communities struggle I’ve seen ours lift each other up. The understanding and support from our families have made our jobs so much easier and I thank all of you for that. 

Families, can you believe it? These young people are off to high school! 

Students, you didn’t get to have a normal 7th or 8th grade year due to covid. You all have not been able to spend nearly the time in-person at Keyser Middle that we wish you would have. We have missed you and we have worried about you, but you went on thriving, growing, and learning how to be friends virtually. It was such a joy to see you back in person this year and to be able to host an in person ceremony to honor the hard work you’ve done during these unprecedented times. Look at the students around you. This is your community. You guys got through a pandemic together, and now you are going to get through high school together. 

Who knows what high school will bring? You will be growing into adults. You will make new friends and have new adventures. You will definitely have homework, tests and projects. You will have days that you are tired and days that you are excited for. There will be sports and field trips and dances. There will be days that drag on and days that fly right by. Whatever it brings, you are going to be okay, because you have this community with you. They will make you laugh, set you straight, remind you about tests, and listen when you need them. 

Four years from now, some of you will be going away to college. Some of you will be staying home and going to college. Some of you will be moving on to careers. You will spend the next four years getting ready for those paths. But, when the day comes for you to start on your next path, you are not going to look back on the classes and the support from school staff and family. You are going to look back on your time with the young men and women around you. You are going to remember all you learned from each other and all the memories you share together. High school will be a grand journey. You are so ready for it. I, and every adult here, are incredibly proud of you.

Thank you to all of you who worked to put this ceremony together. Our teachers and the families that helped coordinate everything for our students. We hope you enjoy the gifts provided by Potomac Valley Hospital, teachers and families. 

8th grade Awards Ceremony moved Indoors

8th grade award ceremony will be moved indoors tomorrow due to weather conditions. Unfortunately due to seating, we must limit students to only 2 guests. Guests must enter through the gym doors located by the board parking lot. Guests must be masked at all times and try to adhere to social distancing protocols when possible. 

Summer Programs

Mineral County Schools is teaming up this summer to provide our first Summer SOLE program available for all our current students. Summer SOLE is our Summer Students Opportunities for Learning and Engagement (SOLE). Our summer programs are grant funded through WVDE and PreK/HS. There will be sites across the county offering credit recovery, intervention, and enrichment opportunities for our students. Applications are coming out now! Sign up so we can plan great thematic activities that reinforce English, math, and STEM programs. Click to access dates and information about each program and the school sites. Meals and transportation will be provided daily to the programs. There will be different offerings based on grade levels and student sign ups. Students in grades K-3 will also be able to participate in the WVU Energy Express program and Summer SOLE. If you have questions about the programs, please contact your child’s school or email Mrs. Jackie Beverlin ([email protected]). Applications are due May 4! Applications and additional information can be found on the Mineral COunty Schools HomePage.
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We are sorry for the inconvenience, but all activities at KMS are postponed until further notice.  Please do not enter the building at this time. 
Updates for parents and students will be provided through our website and School Reach.   Thank you for your understanding during this time. 
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